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Wilmot Creek is a beautiful lakefront community offering the best in small town living. Click on the images below to get a firsthand look at our incredible Wilmot Creek homes as well as the surrounding area.


What people are saying

We never envisioned ourselves living in a retirement residence, but when
we heard about Wilmot Creek we had to come and check it for ourselves. This vibrant, welcoming community drew us in and we love being a part of this incredible township.”

Catherine Hills

Becoming a resident at Wilmot Creek is the best decision we have made
for ourselves – it fits our lifestyle and we could not be happier

Roger Prouse

The social scene at Wilmot Creek is everything we envisioned and more. With
over 100 social hubs to choose from, we find ourselves partaking in every social event this community has to offer

Emily watson

The fact that we can swim, golf and even take a dance class in one day is
a rare find in a retirement community. Our social life is in full swing and we
couldn’t be happier.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas

We love the lake, and this lakefront community gives us the serenity that
I need to live the best life we can live…there is nothing more spectacular than
living in an incredible community with incredible views.

Mr. & Mrs. Whitwham

Our family lives in Toronto, so the fact that they are just a short
30-minute drive away makes living here all the worth while. We love it here and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mr. & Mrs. Bhanu

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