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Wilmot creek’s inviting adult lifestyle and retirement homes are designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Our homes feature open concept architecture with bungalows ranging in size from 828 to 1805 sq. ft., available in a variety of captivating designs that will satisfy your requirements and preferences

Feeling inclined to expand your kitchen, widen a hallway or install a new skylight? Whatever the detail, whether a new home or previously owned, our designers and construction staff welcome the opportunity to enhance the space in order to exceed your expectations and make you proud of your new home. 

Rice Developments has introduced the 2.9% Protection Plan, a program that goes into effect the moment you move into Wilmot Creek. Under this plan, homeowners are given the assurance that the amount paid for their home’s monthly land lease arrangement will not increase by more than 2.9% per year.

This 20 year plan helps provide you with a clearer picture of present and future annual expenses. This, matched with the incomparable lifestyle that Wilmot Creek affords, is yet another reason why Rice Developments makes life easier for you and yours.

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