Let housekeeping brighten your morning with 3 weekly visits to make your bed and bring you fresh towels, while our social director arranges tours, picnics, clubs, performers, and concerts. Make appointments and reservations at our friendly Central Reception. This is just a glimpse into what we have to offer you at Southbrook.

Central Reception

Central Reception at the front Desk is our centre of communication from first thing in the morning, until well into the evening. Here you make your appointments, book rooms and dining-room reservations, collect your messages and newspapers.


We brighten your morning with a visit to make your bed and bring you fresh towels. Bed linens are changed for you on a weekly basis along with dusting and vacuuming. You can also make arrangements for laundry service.


Our social director arranges tours, summer picnics, card clubs, visiting performers and concerts on festive occasions. Feel free to enjoy as many as you please! And of course, we’re always available to help arrange your social and recreational plans. Our shuttle bus is a safe and easy way to go on shopping trips and planned events.

Beauty Salon

Our on-site hair salon is open 3 days a week and manicures are available on a bi-weekly basis. Book an appointment for a pedicure or a fresh hairdo once you get here! Also, gift certificates are available—the perfect present for special occasions!

Nursing & Physicians

Rest assured knowing there are registered nursing personnel on the premises 24 hours a day. With call alarms throughout your suite and monitors throughout the premises, you are never far from help. Two in-house doctors are available twice a week, with our well-equipped medical room to make doctor visits accessible and comfortable.

Health Care Services

Podiatrist, visiting dental services, hearing aid clinic, physiotherapy, visiting lab services. We are conveniently located near Brampton hospitals.

Private Shuttle

As part of our active social calendar, Southbrook has a 10 passenger shuttle bus for organized outings and day trips. Residents regularly use the shuttle for shopping trips, scenic tours, dining and outings to the theatre, casino and other special events.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning services are available on a weekly basis.

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