A typical kitchen cabinet is 22 inches deep – that’s a terrific amount of storage, but when so much of the space is difficult to access, it becomes either a terrific waste of space or an accumulation of junk. The solution is a shelf inside that space that slides out to display its contents.

Gliding shelves or Slideout Shelves make it possible to reach the back corner of every cupboard, by bringing the back corner and all of its contents front & centre on a pullout shelf. It’s simple – no major renovations. No demolition & replacement of your existing cupboards. No change to the look of your kitchen (or bathroom, or family room, or garage).

The pantry is the most frequently used cabinet in the home, accessed by the whole family. It’s important that it is organized making everybody’s favourites easy to find. A pull out pantry is an affordable back saving solution that enables easy access to all your pantry items. Shelves can be arranged to accommodate tall items such as cereal boxes, oils and vinegar and small items such as can goods.

With gliding or slideout shelves, you can make the space you already have significantly more usable. Sliding shelves are perfect for seniors and add value to your home – Whether it’s groceries, pots and pans, or shaving cream, shelves that slide out mean no more kneeling on the floor or emptying an entire cupboard of its contents to reach those items that have migrated to the dark back corner.