Renovation trends are changing as the needs of our society change. Consumers shop differently now, driven by the needs of their personal values and the unique needs of their family lives. Homeowners work hard to carve out a space that reflects who they are and what they are all about.

In addition to this, homeowners are faced with the changing needs of aging populations, health changes and work-life changes. All of this has an impact on the choices of home renovations.

Home renovation professionals must maintain knowledge of design trends, and innovative designs and products as well as a thorough knowledge of municipal requirements, while factoring in the changes around us such as concerns for aging-in-place, designs that meet the needs of multi-family members.

Here are some of the top areas that Homeowners are perusing renovations:

Multi-generation housing – The younger generation is staying home for longer than previous generations. Extending time in post secondary education and preparing for home ownership has kids living at home longer.

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, and the price of housing continues to climb, many families are opting to either purchase a home that will provide multi-generation living, or renovate an existing property to accommodate the same needs.

Accessible housing – Accessibility has become a growing issue for everyone. Aging population, and health challenges that span multi-generations reveal a need to add safety and accessibility measures to most living spaces.

These changes can be simple additions of no-slip surfaces on floors and showers, or larger changes such as sound impact surfaces to help those with hearing sensitivity, grip bars, arthritis friendly handles, wider doorways or even wheel chair accessibility.

The home office – As the price of fuel continues to climb, and the internet and computers make work from home a reality, many people are working from home a few days a week, some even exclusively from their home.

Home-based business also has an important impact on home design as the need for business space often must be realized within an existing space.

Renovations for the home office include dedicated work-spaces that provide the function required and the electrical, lighting, communications connections and storage requirements related to the work.

Home entertainment centres – A night at the movies for the typical family remains a special night out. It can cost an average family over $100 to go to the movies and concession stand, and as a result, many families seek the home entertainment as an option that can be enjoyed again and again without continued cost.

Changes to an existing room would include proper speaker placement, wiring, and home theatre set up, storage for entertainment collections and ideal furniture placement.

Building an entertainment room would include customizing the walls with sound-proofing, set-in speakers, pot lights, etc. Your imagination is the only limit.

Energy retrofitting – As our technology continues to improve, it can become costly to continue to operate old appliances and lighting. Energy efficient savings extend beyond a new refrigerator, washer and dryer and switching to CFL bulbs. New windows, improved insulation and even new heating systems can increase energy efficiency. When planning your next renovation, you will want to plan energy efficiency as well.

Healthy indoor air – Allergy sufferers can tell you that air quality can have a profound effect on your home experience. Air quality issues may be caused by air circulation and allergens, but they can also stem from issues in an aging home such as humidity leaks or mould. These are concerns for everyone in the home. Rice Homes can help you plan for improved air-flow in the design of your renovation using new products and techniques available in today’s market. .

Home security – Home security is paramount to assurance of safety as much as possible. There are a wide range of options available from security cameras, security systems and even property perimeter systems. Consult your renovation specialist for advice on the best options for your home.